Deist and Associates Prosthetic Centre

We specialise in the manufacturing of prosthesis. We can accommodate your every prosthetic need ranging from very basic prosthesis to highly specialised prosthesis. We are a passionate team of dedicated professionals who love our work and see to our patient’s individual needs. Deist and Associates keep up-to-date with the latest technology, therefore we can bring our patients the latest in socket design, material, fabrication and componentry.

Whether you are an elderly patient who lives a less active life requiring a basic set-up; a young, active athlete sprinting on a Cheetah blade; or an individual requiring a high tech, micro processed componentry- Your need is our priority.  

New amputees are taken through a well-tested post-op program where they are mobilised between 14-21 days after an amputation.

Deist and Associates specialises in manufacturing and fitting a range of artificial limbs, orthotic braces and other prosthesis devices. Prosthetic limbs are each custom made for amputees by our technicians, whose workmanship and passion are backed up by a team of dedicated professionals.