Deon Pienaar’s Journey to Recovery

In May of 2006 Deon Pienaar lost his lower left leg due to complications caused by his diabetes and attempts to warm his extremity with a warming beanbag the previous year. Within a month after his amputation Jaco Deist and his team of professionals were working on helping Deon regain his mobility and independence.




From the moment I met Jaco Deist I knew he and I would walk a long road together and after only a month following my amputation he and his team had started planning my recovery and a month following that I was fit with my first prosthetic to help me walk again. I may have looked like Robo Cop but as a man who had been told only three months prior I was going to lose my leg it was heavenly.”

Deon notes that all the legs he was fit with after this came in many different colours and were made of many different materials, but Jaco Deist and his team always made his quality of life their number one priority, which is much more valuable that just “a leg”.

“I was never treated differently at Deist & Associates as a result of my condition, on the contrary, I considered each visit a blessing.”

Jaco Deist always made sure that the “test fit” prosthetic was a perfect fit because of Deon’s particular sensitivity to pressure ulcers and sores. His right foot needed some help to compensate for the additional strain it was taking. Deon notes that he was particularly impressed by the fact that his prosthetic and orthotic needs could all be met at one practice. He could be fit with special shoes for his conditions and make adjustments to the insoles as required, which made the whole process effortless.

“Jaco Deist and his team never denied alternative remedies like crutches or wheelchairs. It is evident that Jaco Deist is in this business because of his passion for getting people back on their feet, not to buy a new car every year.”

Three months later, Deon received news that he would have to have his right leg amputated as well. For a second time, three months after Deon’s amputation Jaco Deist and his team were back on the case. The same process was followed to ensure the perfect fit of the final prosthetic.

“Jaco was the person who cried with me when I learned of my second amputation. It was never a question that he would be by my side through my recovery again.”

Jaco Deist and his team made sure that the necessary medical aid policies for which Deon qualified were paid out, and after much back and forth his prosthetics were registered under the correct codes.

“If I had to describe Jaco Deist and his team I would say: Service with passion. I never felt like a patient or client, Jaco and his team are like family to me and I hope they feel the same.”

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