The Össur’s Mobility Clinic


Movement and exercise are a vital part of a successful rehabilitation for amputees. The Össur’s Mobility Clinic does amazing work helping amputees in their recovery; giving them the opportunity to push themselves to new levels in their own scope of an active lifestyle.


Brain’s New Fit!


It is always such a pleasure seeing Brain. His smile is infectious and imbues happiness, and yes, it is Brain, not Brian! 

It is always so satisfying to present clients with a new fit as it is such a huge improvement to an amputee’s life!

Enjoy Brain and see you...

Vuyo’s New Cosmetic Cover


Vuyo received her new cosmetic cover today and she is ecstatic! The cover turned out to look very realistic and will allow her to walk with confidence!

We are so happy for you Vuyo and can’t wait for you to show off your new leg! 

Steyn Steenberg - An Update



We have fitted Steyn on a trial KX06 from Blatchford & Endolite. This prosthetic is a 4-bra knee joint with a Hydraulic Cylinder. He beautifully demonstrates going from normal walking to walking faster as well as foot over foot...

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