Deist & Associates Orthotic-Prosthetic Services make use of some of the world’s most advanced computerised orthotic machines, specifically Amfit’s CAD/CAM milling system in conjunction with Tekscan’s VersaTek hardware platform for profiling feet.

Amfit Orthotics is a company regarded by many as being the world’s best high-tech custom-built computerised orthotic foot products’ manufacturer, and is based in Vancouver in the USA.

The company offers the very latest fabrication technology that is used to manufacture custom designed Amfit Innersoles, which it does with its CAD/CAM milling system combined with VersaTek sensors.

The VersaTek sensors enable a precise measurement of a three dimensional map of the foot which is recorded digitally on a computer.This information is used by the milling machine to create a precise innersole that matches your foot perfectly enabling you to enjoy the maximum possible mobility and offering the best possible pain relief.

When you come in for a customised Amfit Innersole fitting, you will place your foot in the digitiser. Sensors rise until they are just touching the contours of the sole of your foot.

This digital image can then be modified to accommodate your specific prescription and the final picture is stored into memory. Innersole blanks are fed into the CAD/CAM milling system which then shape the blanks according to the contours stored in memory. The newly formed Amfit Innersoles are then covered with a decorative material and trimmed to fit into your shoes perfectly.

Tekscan’s F-scan system relies on paper-thin sensors placed inside footwear to capture dynamic in-shoe pressure information that would otherwise be unseen by the naked eye. Information from the F-scan sensors is relayed through Cuffs, which gather the information, process it, and send it to a computer through a USB connection.

The in-shoe pressure at different points on the sole of the foot is continually captured and recorded, revealing a complete history of interaction between foot and footwear. The captured data accurately quantifies contact pressure, force and timing, thus eliminating the traditional visual observation gait and foot function.

F-scan sensor pads are extremely thin, so the most accurate data possible is captured and recorded. They can also be trimmed to fit an extremely wide range of footwear and are completely portable. These pressure sensor pads provide the most appropriate spatial resolution needed for the specific medical application under consideration. Information from the sensor pad is interpreted by the computer program and displayed in vivid colour on a computer screen, thus enabling the information to be more easily interpreted by the clinician.

The combination of hi-tech equipment utilised by Deist & Associates Orthotic-Prosthetic Services enables us to offer the finest possible service to our patients. Once we have the sensor information and have fed it into the profiling computer, customised innersoles can be manufactured in record breaking time. By utilising the F-scan we are able to improve the service we offer our patients in a number of ways. Costs are reduced by minimising the need for follow-up and orthotic fine-tuning.

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