Thank you Jaco Deist for the amazing and professional service from start to finish in creating the most difficult and rare prosthetic leg and hip imaginable. In 8 weeks you achieved the impossible.

- Rochelle Muller Van Onselen -

Jaco Deist en jou span "Julle Rock".
Wilma jy en Hettie is ook Kampione!! Ek haal my bene af vir Julle!! Baie dankie vir al julle harde werk en moeite. Vir Julle daar nie einde nie!!

- Deon Pienaar -

My dear Jaco Deist
Have you got any idea what you contribute to my life. You make me able to wake up in the morning, walk around, being able to carry a cup of coffee, I drive to work where I work for more than 9 hours on my legs, I am able to walk around in a shop and push a trolley. I am able to climb stairs to my house where I can do daily maindain chores. I can cook and bake while I dance in the kitchen.

- Lucia van Heerden -