CTI Knee Bracing

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After successfully completing a workshop on knee ligament bracing, Deist and Associates is recognised as an accredited CTI expert centre. 

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For custom bracing, every patient is carefully measured and fitted approximately 2 weeks after measurement.

The CTI Custom has a rock-solid, hand-laminated carbon fibre exoskeleton that provides the ultimate combination of stabilisation and protection for the knee joint.

Product Highlights

  • Total Support System provides support for ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary and combined instabilities
  • Hand-laminated, carbon composite frame construction provides rigid support
  • Frame shape is low-profile and contours to the leg making it suitable for a variety of physical activities
  • Anatomically-correct Accutrac hinges with extension stops track the natural movement of the knee
  • Proprietary Sensil padding is comfortable and reduces movement or displacement
  • Skin-friendly SensEdge overmolding on buckles and lower cuff improves comfort and eliminates pressure points
  • Flexible lower medial cuff provides increased protection against rotational forces and is breathable for added comfort
  • Constructed from non-corrosive materials enabling use for water sports
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and hinge
  • One Year Fit Guarantee to accommodate changes in leg size during the first year following injury
  • Choice of 12 standard colours available at no additional cost

Why do we need bracing?

  • Protection of passive structures
  • Provide protection
  • Avoid abnormal movements
  • Avoid hyperextension
  • Reduce instabilities
  • Compensate loss of muscle control
  • Prevention of injuries
CTI with patella cap
CTI OTS Subshell