Gustav Retief’s Prosthetic Journey

As I have mentioned many times before, no patient or amputation is ever the same. We as prosthetists have to think of different ways to help the amputee. It is our job to determine what the best strategy is to give the patient the best possible quality of life after amputation. 

Why Gustav’s Prosthetic Presents a Unique Challenge

Gustav Retief has been a below-the-knee amputee for many years. This means that systems have changed exponentially since he received his first prosthesis. 

At first glance, his residual limb may look quite standard. However, upon closer inspection, one realises that the suspension options are limited. 

This is primarily to do with the fact that Gustav’s residual limb is too short for standard suction of the off the shelf silicone liners. His residual limb has also become bony and conically shaped as a result of his many years living as a below-the-knee amputee. 

Feast Your Eyes on Gustav’s Unique Solution from Deist & Associates

The video above, as well as the featured photos, show and explain what we have done for Gustav. Along with the Össur Iceross Sleeve (external suspension liner) we have created a custom liner to maximise comfort, and a prosthesis complete with an air valve to expel any trapped air and creates a seal to support the suspension. A good vacuum gives excellent suspension with minimal movement inside the socket. 

Another crucial role of the custom silicone sleeve we manufactured is that it fits him perfectly. To achieve this we ensured to trim lines of his socket, so there is less silicone at the back fold of his knee, which increases comfort when Gustav bends his knee. 

Gustav is a happy client and amputee and this was a wonderful challenge to overcome. Read more of our Success Stories and blogs for more information.