Top Common Knee Injuries

People can suffer from many different types of knee injuries as the knee is a very complex joint with various components that are vulnerable to injuries. Knee injuries are often treated with physiotherapy, orthotics and bracing (some injuries may require surgery).

Doctor’s offices are often occupied by patients with knee injuries, especially the following types:

knee injury

3D Printing To Revolutionise The Medical Industry

3D Printing To Revolutionise The Medical Industry

The medical industry has revolutionised since the introduction of 3D printing. It has saved lots of time and it has the potential of saving many people’s lives and the efficiency of surgery.

There are many different ways that 3D printers are helping and can (futuristically) help the medical industry to advance. This is why this cutting edge technology can accelerate the medical industry:

Felicity Success Story

Happy New Year to all and I hope that 2014 is a fantastic year for you!

My 2013 ended on a high note, I was privileged to have met Felicity. So often you look at a situation and think to yourself – this is a bad or impossible situation…..

Whenever I work with young children they have a way of surprising, inspiring and showing me how well they are able to adapt to tough situations without them even realising it.