The Importance of the Grieving Process after Amputation

Coping with the loss of a limb is difficult because it is a great loss. Comparative studies show that losing a limb is akin to the grief caused by the death of a loved one. The grieving process is essential to your healing as you cannot completely recuperate if you are not emotionally and mentally healing too.

How to Properly Care for and Clean your Prosthetic Limb

The proper routine cleansing of a prosthetic limb is vital to the patient. As the prosthetic is considered to be an extension of your body, it should be treated as such when it comes to its care and hygiene. This article will discuss some of the reasons this is important and some ways in which you can ensure you are properly caring for your custom-designed prosthesis.

Catching Up With Bridgette: One Year after Receiving the i-digits™ Partial Hand Prosthesis

One year ago Jaco Deist and his patient, Bridgette Mokoena jetted off to Scotland where Bridgette became the first South African recipient of a partial-hand prosthetic. Bridgette and Jaco visited Touch Bionics to test the hand that Jaco had already fit for her here in South Africa. To learn more about their trip read the blog called “Pioneering South African Prosthetics: Jetting Off For The Procedure”.

In this article we visit Bridgette, one year later, to catch up and see what life with an i-digits™ partial hand prosthesis is like and what Bridgette’s experience with it has been in the last year.

David Kobola and Kurt van Onselen: Life After a Hemipelvectomy

David Kobola is a twenty-one year old business management student at TUT from Limpopo and Kurt van Onselen is 54 year old who used to be the Sales Manager for Powerteam SA. What do these two people have in common that they share so intimately? Both David and Kurt have undergone a hemipelvectomy or through-the-hip amputation.