Memoirs of a Prosthetist

In our profession, we are confronted with so many challenges – challenges that keep us on our toes for our entire careers! We have the opportunity to work with people but people differ, of course. We work with different levels of amputation and varying shapes and types of residual limbs – long, short, thin, old, young, strong, weak – and we work according to different budgets.

Pioneering South African Prosthetics: Jetting Off For The Procedure

Prosthetics professional and owner of Deist & Associates, Jaco Deist, and his partial-hand amputee patient, Bridgette Mokoena set off for Scotland on 12 November 2017. They were to meet with Touch Bionics to start testing Bridgette’s new bionic hand. What an exciting few days were had!

Pioneering South African Prosthetics: Bridgette’s Partial Bionic Hand Prosthesis

Bridgette Mokoena, a patient of prosthetic and orthopaedic specialist Jaco Deist, will be the first South African recipient of an i-digits™ partial hand prosthesis developed by Touch Bionics by Össur. They are set to jet off to Scotland for the procedure on the twelfth of November. This article serves to describe the technology that makes bionic prosthetics for partial hand amputees possible.

Pioneering South African Prosthetics: Meet Bridgette Mokoena

Bridgette Mokoena is a positive and inspiring woman who is about to undergo a procedure that will make her the first South African recipient of a bionic prosthetic for a partial-hand amputee. Bridgette has worked with Jaco Deist and his team from Deist & Associates in order to make this pioneering innovation in South African prosthetics a reality.



Pioneering South African Prosthetics: Jaco Deist

Jaco Deist, prosthetics professional and owner of Deist & Associates, has taken on his biggest challenge to date: fitting a bionic prosthetic for a partial-hand amputee, Bridgette Makoena. Deist has an undeniable passion for helping people which is apparent upon meeting him and being witness to the way he interacts with his patients.


3D Printing To Revolutionise The Medical Industry

3D Printing To Revolutionise The Medical Industry

The medical industry has revolutionised since the introduction of 3D printing. It has saved lots of time and it has the potential of saving many people’s lives and the efficiency of surgery.

There are many different ways that 3D printers are helping and can (futuristically) help the medical industry to advance. This is why this cutting edge technology can accelerate the medical industry: